Watford Business

In Watford, business matters! As such, not only are we well and truly open for business, but we are striving to ensure the area is a key location for local, national and international companies. We are also keen to work with start-ups and established businesses who are already located in the area, or considering Watford as their base.

Not only can we assist with all areas of relocation, from finding the perfect premises to unpacking your boxes, but companies in Watford can also benefit from our on-going support and open communications channels.

Through the strong relationships we have built with our partners, there’s not much we can’t assist with. We really do have the local economy and business community in mind whether it be through event’s we run, lobbying on our business communities behalf or plans for the future of Watford.

Through the Watford For Your Business website you will be able to find out everything you need to know about being in the area. So, whether you are looking to relocate your business to Watford, your company is already in the area, or if you just want to find out more about business in Watford then these are the pages for you.

We have published a number of brochures to assist businesses whether you are looking to relocate, grow your business, start a business, gain funding or meet other companies. Please see the links below to access the PDFs:

Watford: A Great Place to Live, Work and Play Watford: A Great Place to Live, Work and Play

We also pride ourselves on having the personal touch, so if you would like to discuss moving or starting your business in Watford, including a dedicated and impartial property search, or have a business here already and need support or any questions answered, please email

For the latest info and new about what is going on in the area, the most up to date commercial properties available and just about anything else Watford business related, follow us on Twitter: @WatfordBusiness