Learning & Education

Learning is an important part of everyone’s life at some stage. Here in Watford, we are confident that there are the opportunities and facilities to help everyone learn.


Wherever you live in Watford, you can be sure that there is a school that meets your needs locally. Hertfordshire County Council is the local authority that is responsible for education across Hertfordshire. Some of the highest performing schools in the country are in Watford and the surrounding area.

To see which schools are near you in Watford, you can use the search tool search by location or school name. Alternatively a list of schools in Watford is available at Hertfordshire County Council’s website.

Further Education

West Herts College will have their largest campus based in Watford from September 2010, when the brand new campus opens. It is close to the town centre and packed with leisure facilities and social spaces alongside brand new real-life working areas and classrooms fully-equipped with the very latest teaching tools and technology, so all aspects of College life are covered.

There are many different courses available to so have a look at the West Herts College website to see what is available and more information about studying there and the campus.

Adult & Community Education

There are lots of opportunities within Watford for lifelong learning, for community members of all ages. For more details on Adult and Community Education, please visit Hertfordshire County Council’s website.


There are two libraries in Watford, the Central library located on Hempstead Road and the North Watford library on St. Albans Road. For more information go to the Hertfordshire Library service where you can also apply to join the library online.

Watford Library