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Watford's Big Festival
West Side Story

We're so excited that this summer local will meet global as two of Watford’s biggest arts festivals,  Watford Live and Imagine Watford, come together alongside  Watford Colosseum  for 16 days of extraordinary live experiences!

Watford Live

Watford Live’s aim is simple – to get anyone and everyone in the local Watford art world to put on or participate in an art-based event, and this festival is the perfect opportunity for that. 

Imagine Watford

Watford town centre will once again be transformed into a place of buzzing excitement for two weeks. The highlights for this year that are sure to attract everyone will include the NHS themed physical theatre piece Care by Tangled Feet, as well as the spectacular outdoor aerial crane piece, K@osmos.

Listen presented by Watford Colosseum

From Thursday 2nd – Saturday 4th July, Watford Colosseum is set to be pumping to the sounds of mind-blowing music-machines. This free event, created by Graeme Leak and produced in collaboration with Watford Colosseum, will invite the audience to explore the venue, listen, explore and play as they go.

The Big Festival runs from Saturday 20th June – Sunday 5th July and most of the performances will be free and held on The Parade, Watford.

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