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Mayor Dorothy Thornhill Fasts to Raise Money for Youth Centre

Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill is raising money for the Watford Muslim Youth Centre Trust by taking part in a Ramadan-style fast on 21st June.

Dorothy said, “This project will be of great benefit to the local community, promoting togetherness within Watford and bringing a whole range of people together. I am keen that we help build bridges between various ethnic and age groups which will ensure a sustainable and strong community in Watford now and in the future. This project will help do just that.”

The Trust aims to build a multipurpose community centre in Tolpits Lane that will offer a wide range of educational and recreational activities to people of all ages and backgrounds and this will provide a safe environment where young people can have fun and learn. A number of events have already helped the trust raise £132,000 of the £1.5 million needed to build the centre. Dorothy’s contribution will help take project another step closer and everyone is behind her.

On fasting, Dorothy said, “I am excited about fasting in Ramadan although I have never deprived myself of food and drink completely. I think this will be a great challenge to overcome and I believe that this will be good for my well being, both inside and out.”

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