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Watford welcomes visitors from twin town Veliky Novgorod in Russia

Visitors from Watford’s twin town in Russia, Veliky Novgorod, have visited the town to plant a commemorative lilac bush in Cassiobury Park Orchard.

Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill said: “It is great to see this friendship between two very different towns going strong, over 30 years after the relationship began. We can learn from our counterparts, as I am sure they can from us, about different ways of living, innovative ways of working and how we can help grow local businesses.”

The hosts, Watford-Novgorod Friendship Society, have maintained the steady friendship with regular exchange visits. The society encourages positive Russian links, holding regular meetings with talks about the friendship and Russian life. The lilac planting in Watford mirrors a similar event in Novgorod in 2013. Local tree and consultancy service – Bartletts, provided the lilac free of charge.

The group, including members of the Watford-Novgorod Friendship Society and Friends of Cassiobury Park, Councillor George Derbyshire also visited the Town Hall where they listened to a talk about Watford and toured the council chamber. Cheslyn Gardens was the last stop for their visit where they enjoyed the beautiful scenery and a buffet.

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